Seven Compelling Reasons to Adopt Digital Validation in 2024

12 Apr 2024

Seven Compelling Reasons to Adopt Digital Validation in 2024

Digital validation represents a significant evolution from traditional manual processes, utilizing advanced technologies to streamline, secure, and simplify validation tasks. This method not only enhances the efficiency and accuracy of data management but also provides substantial compliance and operational benefits to businesses. Here are seven reasons to transition to digital validation in 2024.


Enhanced Accuracy and Reliability

Digital validation minimizes human errors through automation in data entry and analysis, enhancing data accuracy and consistency. Automated systems enforce standardized processes, reducing the risk of errors and discrepancies. This ensures reliable data handling, crucial for strategic decision-making and regulatory compliance. Advanced algorithms and error-checking tools continuously work to maintain data integrity, further securing the quality of the information.


Increased Efficiency and Time Savings

By automating data validation processes, companies can achieve faster processing times, from data collection to analysis and reporting. This automation not only speeds up workflows but also reduces the need for manual re-checking and cross-verifications, thereby saving time and significantly reducing the workload on staff. Real-time validation capabilities allow for immediate error detection and correction, providing instant feedback and enabling quicker decision-making processes.


The latest version of the Requirements Traceability Matrix, available in Kneat Gx 9.2.


Real-Time Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM)

Implementing a digital validation system like Kneat Gx enhances traceability, allowing for real-time updates and changes to be accurately reflected across all relevant documents and systems.

This facilitates enhanced collaboration among stakeholders who can access and review updated information instantly and keeps projects on track. Immediate traceability also enables quick action when issues are identified.


Real-Time Requirements Traceability Matrix in Kneat Gx

How It Works

Your RTM is automatically generated within the Kneat Gx app through Traceability attributes. This RTM updates in real time as changes are saved, making it easy to reference sections within Test Documents.

Benefits of the Real-Time RTM include:

   Faster implementation as it no longer needs to be configured since it is automatically generated based on the
      selected workspace folder.
   Easier to take follow-up actions out of the RTM to any relevant area in Kneat Gx.
   Simple updates of RTM using the Traceability attribute of requirements outside of documents.
   More granular view of data for even more at-a-glance insights.
   Ability to view and act on data.




Digital validation systems reduce labor costs by decreasing the need for extensive manual efforts in data handling and validation. They also lower maintenance costs associated with the upkeep of physical documents and storage systems. Cloud-based systems like Kneat Gx are scalable, easily expanding to accommodate growth without incurring significant additional costs, providing a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes.

Audit Readiness

Digital validation simplifies achieving and maintaining compliance with various regulatory standards, making it easier for businesses to prepare for audits. With efficient data management systems, retrieving and organizing historical data becomes less cumbersome, enabling quick responses during audits. These systems enhance transparency and create a reliable time-stamped digital trail, improving auditability.

Kneat Gx’s unique ‘Collections’ feature allows Kneat users to send approved documents to a dedicated staging area where non-standard users, such as auditors, can view and interact with the content. This allows for virtual audit prep rooms, which streamline audits and make it easier for both regulatory bodies and you.


Advanced Search

Kneat Gx comes equipped with powerful search functionalities that allow for quick and efficient retrieval of documents. Advanced search and filtering capabilities enable users to navigate through large volumes of data and find the exact documents they need without delay. Kneat’s search applies to documents, drawings, data attribute fields, collections, and more.



Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Adopting digital validation significantly reduces the use of paper, contributing to environmental sustainability. These systems are also more energy-efficient than traditional physical storage methods and help in reducing the organization’s carbon footprint. By minimizing waste and requiring less energy, digital validation systems promote more sustainable business practices.


Final Thoughts

If your organization is looking to dive deeper into digital validation, starting with a small-scale implementation can help your business understand the effectiveness and benefits of digital validation, paving the way for full-scale adoption and, transforming your data management practices for the better.


Digitalizing, Standardizing, and Futureproofing Validation

As part of its top-down digital strategy, a Top 10 global pharmaceutical and healthcare company implemented Kneat Gx to digitalize CQV and AIQ, to support multiple business units.

Kneat Gx was first deployed as a limited pilot project at one of the customer’s continuous manufacturing facilities. The validation team that managed the pilot project created the data governance rules, and the procedures. They started working with Kneat’s Process Engineering team to create content for the first product launch and set up Kneat Gx as a global application.

As a result of this initiative, the customer’s manufacturing site achieved a 40% reduction in protocol review and approve time, and a 12% reduction in protocol development time. Read the full case study to learn more. 


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