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An array of talented individuals, operating as one wonderfully cohesive team.

Our innovation, tenacity and motivation empower us to deliver a technology that is heralding a major change in how life sciences companies deliver and protect quality. Our next generation technology, attention to detail, respect for process and ability to collaborate are winning the respect of the world’s largest healthcare companies.

If you’re looking to join a successful and growing technology team, in management, software development, quality assurance, sales or support, then we’d like to hear from you.

We truly value ideas and collaboration so we’ve created an environment that builds, protects and celebrates teamwork. I think we do a good job of balancing left and right brain – adhering to process yet allowing the space for creativity and ingenuity.

- Aileen Lee, Director, Human Resources, Kneat

We hold ourselves to the highest standards. Individually and collectively our commitment to quality underpins everything we do. A world-class solution for global leaders’ demands world-class standards – no room for compromise.

- Barry-John Keating, Director, Operations, Kneat

Every day is a new opportunity at Kneat. We listen to our clients and our team and ask – how can we make it better today? We constantly strive to make a solution that’s capable of revolutionising the Life Sciences sector.

- Kevin Fitzgerald, Chief Product Officer, Co-Founder, Executive Director, Kneat


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