Kneat Gx | Drawing Management Module

Manage your engineering drawings and diagrams from within Kneat Gx, with the Drawing Management Module.

Kneat’s Drawing Management Module integrates with existing CAD systems to import drawings and incorporate them into your digital validation workflows. Remotely view, review, comment, reference, search, and more from any location, or take your drawings with you while performing electronic walk-downs.



Why Digitalize Drawings Management

Drawings and diagrams are an important component of any manufacturing process. Regulated industries must validate and manage drawings of their installations and systems from a Quality, Engineering, and Safety perspective.  Some of the most common include:

  • Equipment diagrams
  • Process Flow diagrams
  • Piping and Instrumentation diagrams
  • General Arrangement diagrams

These, and other drawings, are subject to the same scrutiny as other validation documents. Drawings, just like any other type of document, have limited utility in paper form, can be difficult to store or retrieve, and are time consuming to use. As Kneat has proven, digitalizing your documents results in significantly reduced cycle times, enhanced data integrity and compliance, deeper insights for validation and quality teams, and lower costs to companies.


Kneat’s Drawing Management Module

The Drawing Management module adds on to the Kneat Gx digital validation platform and integrates with existing CAD systems to bring drawings into your Kneat Gx Workspace. Users check-in to Kneat Gx for review and redlining; check-out from Kneat Gx into the CAD system for updates; check-in updated drawings to Kneat Gx for review and compliant e-signature approval.

Kneat’s Drawing Management module delivers effective, efficient, and compliant management of drawings throughout their life cycle.

Key Features

Kneat’s Drawing Management module provides a range of benefits to companies, including:

  • Elimination of paper drawings, 21 CFR Part 11/Annex 11 compliant drawing management (including e-signature) with access control, configurable workflows, version control, backup storage, and audit trails
  • Online collaborative comprehensive review of drawings i.e., redlining with annotation
  • Perform live walkdown markups
  • Flexible search options including equipment ID, keywords, titles, and more
  • Centralized repository of drawings, schematics, and diagrams alongside validation documentation
  • Reference drawings in validation documentation

Kneat Gx: End-to-End Digital Validation

Drawing management is one function of Kneat’s complete digital platform, Kneat Gx. The Kneat platform also enables full end-to-end digitalization of all your validation processes and provides validation and quality teams with the ability to save time and money by digitalizing all validation processes to enhance business intelligence, increase compliance, and mitigate risk.


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