Equipment Validation

Kneat Gx | Paperless Equipment Validation

Equipment Validation

If you are using a manual paper-based or hybrid paper/document management approach for equipment qualification, then you are missing the opportunity to centrally control and manage your facilities and achieve substantial global cost and cycle time reductions.

It is impossible to create and maintain a lean streamlined global validation process without the help of technology.



Kneat Gx | Paperless Equipment Validation

Kneat Solutions’ next generation paperless validation software “Kneat Gx” delivers compelling productivity, cycle-time and compliance improvements across the entire Equipment Validation life-cycle.

  • Equipment register management
  • Validation master planning
  • Impact assessment
  • Validation project manager
  • Collaborative requirements capture and management
  • Risk assessment
  • Design qualification (DQ), installation qualification (IQ), operational qualification (OQ), performance qualification (PQ)
  • Paperless test execution with integrated deviation management
  • Test leveraging based on risk and good documentation practice
  • Periodic review management
  • Change management and re-qualification
  • Decommissioning
  • 21 CFR Part 11/Annex 11 environment

Why use Kneat Gx for Equipment Validation?

  • Productivity Improvement and cycle time savings
  • Standardization across sites becomes the norm, while retaining local site flexibility, where needed
  • Paper records are eliminated – never lose a record and launch any in seconds
  • Potential for data integrity issues minimized, ‘ALCOA’ principles embedded in the process
  • Protocol GDP errors minimized
  • Instant macro and micro visibility into all aspects of the process in real time
  • Query all validation details about every system, its validation review status in real time based on actual work done
  • Audit ready in real time
Client Story:
Validation Service Provider

Driving Temperature Profiling Productivity

Since 1996, Kneat’s solution partner, Pharmaceutical Calibrations & Instrumentation LLC. (PCI) has provided the Life Science Industry with high-quality equipment and instrument services including Validation, Calibration (Process Equipment Services, Analytical Laboratory Instrument Services, Metrology Services) and Commissioning.

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