Kneat Gx 9.2 Makes Digital Validation Even Easier

12 Apr 2024

Kneat Gx 9.2 Makes Digital Validation Even Easier

Kneat Gx is the leading digital validation solution, already used by 12 of the Top 15 Global Pharma companies and the latest version, Kneat Gx 9.2, makes it even stronger. With brand new features and enhanced existing capabilities that make the platform more agile, more flexible, and perfect for the emerging challenges facing validation teams.


Real-Time Requirements Traceability Matrix

The changes to Requirements enable an exciting new feature: the In-App Real-Time Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM). Many users of Kneat Gx have used our RTM capabilities to easily trace requirements and keep projects on track. Now, Kneat Gx makes this feature even easier to use as it’s automatically generated within the app through the use of Traceability attributes.

This RTM updates in real time as changes are saved, making it easy to reference sections within Test Documents.


Benefits of the Real-Time RTM include:

     Faster implementation as it no longer needs to be configured since it’s automatically generated based
        on the selected workspace folder.
✓     Easier to take follow-up actions out of the RTM to any relevant area in Kneat Gx.
✓     Simple updates of RTM using the Traceability attribute of requirements outside of documents.
✓     More granular view of data for even more at-a-glance insights.
✓     Ability to view and take action on data.



Audits are an inevitability in life sciences and highly-regulated manufacturing. Kneat has always been a key tool for being audit ready, any time, and we’re enhancing that with a new feature: Collections.

Collections allow Kneat users to send approved documents to a dedicated staging area where non-standard users, such as auditors, can view and interact with the content. This allows for virtual “war rooms” or audit prep rooms, which streamline audits and make it easier for both regulatory bodies and you. With the expected rise of remote audits, this digital capability can provide time savings and reassurance that your company is audit ready.

Collections aren’t just for auditors, it’s also perfect for project review or other internal use cases.


Advanced Search

Validation teams deal with a lot of data and documentation, so a robust search feature is important. Kneat expands its Search functionality with broader search coverage and flexible options, such as the use of Boolean operators (using “and” “or” “not” to specify search results).

Additionally, users will be able to see multiple results per document and see preview snippets, so they can be sure they’ve found the right document. Kneat’s search applies to documents, drawings, data attribute fields, collections, and more.



See Kneat Gx For Yourself

There’s more to the latest version of Kneat Gx and you can see it for yourself. Sign up for our upcoming webinar as we walk you through these changes and more. You’ll see why Kneat Gx is the leading solution for enterprise life sciences organizations.


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