Unlock the chain
of paper, using Kneat

Unlock the chain of paper using Kneat, the trusted e-validation software
that’s built to drive Good Manufacturing Practice.


For all your

Use Kneat to digitize and manage any validation, commissioning or qualification process.
A complete solution that can scale to meet all your validation needs across all of your facilities globally.


Kneat paperless validation software is trusted by engineers to help them perform their work effectively, releasing them from paper, by Managers to create, maintain and manage best practice processes, by Quality Directors to oversee quality and satisfy compliance and by CIOs to help deliver digital transformation.

users globally
of the world’s top 10 pharma companies
to fully digitize facility, utility and equipment C&Q for a new large facility build
Client Story:
Digitalizing Validation Globally

MSD Global Digital Validation Rollout

Executing on its visionary Global Quality Management Systems Strategy, industry leaders Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) chose Kneat to digitalize seven validation work processes at 27 sites worldwide, achieving over 50% cycle time reduction and eliminating reliance on three different quality management systems.
Client Story:
A Global Technology Partnership

Reducing Global Deployment Validation Cost by 35%

Using Kneat Gx for all Computer Software Validation and Verifi cation (CSV) documentation activities in the global deployment of the SAP S/4 HANA 1909 ERP System for the customer, HCL Technologies achieved a cost saving of 35% ($0.81M USD),
Client Story:
A Risk-Focused Global Biotech

Transforming Traceability: From Prohibitive to Productive Risk Mitigation

The customer, a rapidly expanding biotechnology company with over 45,000 employees achieved an 88% time saving on URS, reducing the cycle time from 2 months to just 7 days.

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