Audit Preparedness: Using Digital Validation to Be Ready for Anything

Build Audit Readiness Into Every Step of Your Manufacturing Lifecycle

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Build Audit Readiness Into Every Step of Your Manufacturing Lifecycle

When you’re in a highly regulated industry, you’re going to be audited — are you ready? In our eBook, Kneat’s audit expert explains everything you need to know to make sure you can respond to any question, demonstrate compliance, and breeze through your next inspection.

Read the eBook to learn:

  • What to expect before, during, and after an audit or inspection.
  • How you can prepare your documentation at the outset to be audit ready years later.
  • The benefits of a streamlined approach to audits.
  • Why digital validation is your secret weapon for audit readiness.

About the Author

Joe Azzarella, Customer Success Engineer, Kneat

Joe Azzarella is a Six Sigma Black Belt with 10+ years’ experience in lyophilization development, technology transfer, and process development for pharma and life sciences companies. An author of multiple papers and whitepapers, Joe has also guest lectured at Purdue University, appeared
on webinars and podcasts, and currently works with Kneat Solutions to bring digital validation to life sciences leaders.


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