Enabling ElevateBio's Industry Disrupting Business Model

Visionary biotechnology company ElevateBio is solving the challenges of scale and speed to market for the emerging cell and gene therapy (CGT) industry with its next-generation technology platforms, state-of-the-art Basecamp facility, and disruptive business model.

By providing access to industry-leading scientific expertise, innovative technologies, and scalable manufacturing suites for its partners at its award-winning ‘BaseCamp’ facility, ElevateBio is transforming the cell and gene therapy industry.

ElevateBio selected Kneat to digitize all its validation processes, resulting in rapid changeover of its manufacturing suites following a 50% cycle-time reduction and a best-in-class quality assurance experience for its partners.

Cycle-Time Reduction Across All Processes
Remote Validation

“The configurability of Kneat is huge…if we want to onboard a new client, it’s a 15-minute meeting between us, and we set it up how we want. We update our process mapping document, and we move on—and that has been really great.”

- Laura Berberian, Manager, Quality Assurance Validation, ElevateBio

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