Muda and Mura Mastery

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Validation, Quality Control, Manufacturing Sciences and Technology

Muda and Mura Mastery

Enhancing Quality and Validation Through Digitalization and Process Optimization

The pharmaceutical industry is transforming. As global markets expand, and biopharmaceutical product manufacturing becomes more complex, traditional Quality and Validation processes no longer suffice. Teams must adapt to meet the evolving demands, including the need for increased product availability and reduced stock shortages. Is your Q/V team prepared for the future?

Join our webinar where industry experts will reveal how you can revolutionize your Q/V processes through digitalization. Discover the path to Muda and Mura Mastery and enhanced flexibility, robustness, and productivity.

Watch On Demand to Learn:  

  • Q/V Process Challenges: Gain a deep understanding of the significant challenges that the pharmaceutical industry faces today.
  • Digitalization Methodology: Discover a structured approach to incorporating digital solutions into your Q/V processes.
  • Lessons Learned: Benefit from the experiences and expertise of our speakers as they share real-world examples and best practices.

Presented by:



Vincent Baehrel, QA/QC Expert- Compliance & Performance, Digital & Industry 4.0 / Health Care & Life Sciences, Capgemini Engineering






Mark Foley, Lead Solutions Engineer, Kneat Solutions


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