Accelerate Production Through Digital C&Q

Suitable For:
Commissioning & Qualification, Regulatory Affairs, Technical Services

Accelerate Production Through Digital C&Q

Every project relies on commissioning and qualification to get up and running. Faster C&Q means faster time to market — Is your C&Q program as efficient as it can be? In our upcoming webinar, we explore how digital validation streamlines C&Q to improve productivity, enhance compliance, and reduce costs.

Watch to learn:

  • How to leverage existing documents to accelerate production
  • What to look for when digitalizing C&Q
  • Standardizing C&Q across an organization

Presented by:

Amy Wilhite – Senior Process Engineer, Kneat

Amy is a highly experienced validation engineer with a demonstrated history of excellence in the biotechnology industry. She is an expert in laboratory operations, bioprocess manufacturing, and equipment/facility/utility CQV.


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