Digitalization: The key to sustainable validation

Digitalization: The key to sustainable validation

On average, large pharmaceutical companies archive up to 8 million pages of compliance paperwork in up to half a million documents at any one time, destroying over 800 trees in the process. Just one tree can supply enough oxygen for up to four people and sequester over 20 kilograms of carbon each year.

Through digitization, and the elimination of paper from your validation processes alone, Kneat enables you to decrease their carbon footprint by as much as 1.5 tons. The carbon offset to business travel created by Kneat’s remote validation and virtual collaboration features, is greater again, saving half a ton per person, per domestic trip. Use Kneat to reduce the carbon footprint created by your travel intensive validation projects, such as CSV for global software deployments, and capex C&Q or new site builds.

In addition to achieving reductions in their carbon footprint, Kneat customers, including seven out of ten of the world’s largest life sciences companies, report validation cycle-time reductions between 50%-100%, validation cost savings of over 35%, and speed-to-market acceleration of 17% for tech-transfer and software deployment – while reducing their carbon footprint.

By digitizing the entire validation lifecycle, through the elimination of validation on paper alone, Kneat enables companies to decrease their carbon footprint by over 1.5 tons, whilst achieving efficiencies that drive the bottom line.


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