Enabling an Efficient Global Computer System Deployment

A Global Healthcare Packaging Company
Computer System Validation (CSV)

The customer, a global healthcare packaging company with operations in North America, Central America, Europe, and the UK, looked for a flexible digital solution to validate its SAP system and enable online collaboration—with the goal of maximizing the productivity of international validation team members over all validation processes.

Reflecting on the results achieved by implementing Kneat, the customer’s SAP Quality & Functional Lead stated, “In terms of a project for holding SAP, it was definitely an awful lot quicker, with huge savings in cycle times. Since we went live with Kneat on our first SAP site we use Kneat for our entire suite of documents.”

The SAP project was the big driver, but Kneat will add to the overall validation program that we have here. We will be looking to extend Kneat to other systems. We work in a medical device pharma type field. Machine validations, process validations, material validations—Kneat can help multiple departments— and that’s where we are thinking there will be a lot of value in the future.

Customer’s SAP Quality & Functional Lead

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