The New Kneat Gx: More Than Validation

3 Aug 2023

Validation software is an essential tool for companies that need to validate their processes and equipment quickly and efficiently while ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements. The best validation software must be up to date to meet the ever-changing demands of organizations operating in highly regulated industries.

Kneat leverages cloud-based technology to enhance the delivery of our digital validation solution, Kneat Gx, and provide an easier, faster, and more responsive validation service for all our customers. Kneat Gx 9.0 and later versions provide the most comprehensive offering to date, with greater integration capability, streamlined deployment capability, enhanced functionality, and expanded capabilities to streamline both GxP and non-GxP processes for validation teams.

The latest versions of Kneat Gx deliver many new powerful features and enhancements to our users, including:

✓   SaaS 3.0 Infrastructure
   Enhanced API Connectivity
   Search User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Upgrades
   Equipment Data Management
   The New Drawing Management Module
✓   The New Document Management Module
   Paperless Handover Updates
   Business Intelligence Enhancements


To learn more about all our software’s new innovative features and enhancements, download our Kneat Gx Solution Overview.


8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Kneat Gx 9.0+

1. SaaS 3.0

Kneat is committed to providing the best possible SaaS infrastructure for our customers. Our version 9.0 release features significant upgrades to the foundational structure of Kneat Gx, including a move to SaaS 3.0.  

As a SaaS 3.0 application, Kneat Gx 9.0 includes enhanced automation capabilities—making it easier for users to streamline their validation processes and reduce manual efforts. It also brings advanced configurable features that allow users to tailor the application to their specific needs and preferences, increased integration with other cloud-based services, and enhanced security and data privacy features.  


2. API Connectivity

Kneat Gx 9.0 makes several changes which will enable greater bidirectional integration functionality, and introduces new features that enhance the user experience and provide greater data management capabilities, including:

   Importing/exporting data between Kneat and integrated systems, such as Asset Management Systems (AMS), Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems, Quality Management Systems (QMS) & Document Management Systems (DMS).
✓   Creation and management of equipment data within Kneat Gx, including links to share near real-time updates and metadata to send back to an AMS.
✓   User provisioning, including adding user credentials and disabling existing user details.
✓   Viewing API documentation for the setup of external applications.
✓   Self Service Administration, including adding or deleting application access to Kneat.



3. Search UI and UX Upgrades

The new user interface (UI) search capabilities of Kneat Gx 9.0 make it easier to find information within the data and documents. The feature provides an intuitive search function that enhances customer experience and allows Kneat users to search complete workspaces, sections of documents, and whole documents. Search for unique IDs, specific keywords, phrases within documents, document titles, and more. The platform has also been updated with a new look for a cleaner user experience (UX), with improved accessibility features and streamlined navigation.



4. Equipment Data Management

As part of Kneat’s move to a combined document and data model, Kneat will now allow users to buildout Key Frameworks allowing the creation and management of equipment data within the Kneat Gx application. Each equipment item will contain key attributes that can be leveraged throughout the Kneat application and within Kneat documents to further accelerate validation activities.


5. Drawing Management Module

Kneat Gx 9.0 provides even more flexibility by allowing users to use one platform for validation documentation and testing, as well as drawing and document management. With the new Drawing Management module, users can now upload and manage their drawings within the software, which makes it easier to track changes and updates related to validation.

Our in-platform Drawing Management module enables the review, revision, approval, storage, and viewing of Drawing documents, such as Process Flow diagrams, Piping and Instrument diagrams, and General Arrangement diagrams. The module integrates with source drawing creation and editing systems, such as Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems to allow users to create drawings in their existing system and upload into Kneat Gx with no need for paper drawings.

Automatically index drawings, review, approve, redline, and generate audit trails seamlessly within Kneat Gx and automatically update source data in the original CAD system.



6. Document Management Module

Our Document Management module complements Kneat’s existing ALCOA+ and GxP compliant content creation capabilities with files management capabilities. This module enables users to review, approve, and store all their Office (and equivalent) files, both GxP and non-GxP related.

Users create these files in their existing software and check them into Kneat. Kneat’s powerful annotation, commenting, and review technology provides streamlined review, redlining, and approval of documents.

Users can also migrate their documents from existing content and document management systems, projects, and products. Kneat’s Document Management module can integrate with existing systems to enable creation of files, mass uploads, mass approvals, and bulk or single exports.

The addition of our Document Management module means that Kneat now provides a multidiscipline solution to our customers who need both a files and a validation management solution.



7. Paperless Handover Updates

Kneat Gx 9.0 enhances the paperless handover feature first introduced in the 8.9 release with inline document activity history being added to the handover pack, providing users with an easy way to transfer data from one phase of the validation process to another. These documents act as a True Copy of documents whenever they need to be represented outside of Kneat Gx.


8. Business Intelligence Dashboard

Later versions of Kneat will introduce the System Inventory Dashboard to our ‘QuickSight’ suite of business intelligence dashboards, providing a real-time view of your organization’s information systems, with at-a-glance visibility and insights for key areas that need watching. It is a one-stop method for discovering information about the resources owned or operated by your organization.



Final Thoughts

The where, when, and how of validation for regulated industry is changing. Kneat Gx 9.0 is a significant expansion of value to existing and future Kneat customers. It’s a valuable tool for any business looking to futureproof their validation activities and stay ahead of the curve in today’s digital age. 

By adopting Kneat Gx 9.0, businesses can streamline their validation and quality operations, boost productivity, reduce costs, and improve their overall competitiveness in the marketplace by accelerating the speed to market faster than ever before.  



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About the Author

Ruairi McGarry, MBA, Product Manager, Kneat Solutions

Ruairí McGarry is an experienced engineer with over 10 years’ experience in quality regulated manufacturing. Prior to joining Kneat, Ruairí held various Project Engineering roles in the medical devices industry, working with Johnson & Johnson, Stryker, and Depuy.

In 2019, Ruairí joined Kneat as a Project Manager, managing customer implementations, before later transferring to Kneat’s Research and Development division as Product Manager, where he now leads the alignment of Kneat Gx with industry and regulatory change.

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