Announcing the Launch of the 2024 State of Validation Survey

25 Mar 2024

State of Validation Survey

The launch of the 2024 State of Validation survey marks a pivotal moment for professionals across various industries, offering a unique opportunity to shape industry best practice, benchmark against your peers, identify trends and challenges, contribute to knowledge sharing, and enhance your professional development.

This comprehensive, annual, survey seeks to gather insightful data from a broad spectrum of industry sectors, including life sciences, healthcare, consumer packaged goods, aerospace, and more, aiming to highlight current trends, challenges, and advancements in the global validation landscape.

Why Participate in the State of Validation Survey?

Shape Industry Best Practice

By sharing your experiences and perspectives, you contribute to a collective effort to refine best practices and guidelines, fostering a culture of continuous improvement across the validation industry.

Benchmark Against Peers

First launched in 2022, the survey provides a unique platform to benchmark your processes, strategies, and technologies against peers. The resulting 2024 State of Validation report’s three-year comparative analysis can reveal areas of strength and opportunities for growth, driving your organization towards excellence.

Identify Trends and Challenges

Stay ahead of the curve by gaining insights into emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities within your industry, like Industry 4.0/ Pharma 4.0 adoption and an expanding use of remote regulatory assessments. Understanding these dynamics is essential for strategic validation planning and innovation, enabling you to navigate the complexities of the validation landscape with confidence.

VALIDATE Conference

Contribute to Knowledge Sharing

Participation in the survey is a form of knowledge sharing, benefiting the wider community by disseminating valuable insights and learnings. This collaborative approach enhances the collective understanding of validation processes, ultimately leading to improved outcomes across the board.

Taking place on May 15 and 16 in Berlin, VALIDATE 2024 is designed to foster collaboration, knowledge exchange, and inspiration among its attendees, who will learn from leading validation technologists, regulatory specialists, and process experts as they share their insight.


Take the Survey Now

Enhance Your Professional Development

Engaging with the survey content can spur personal and professional growth, exposing you to new ideas, methodologies, and technologies. This exposure can inspire innovation and drive in your current role, positioning you as a thought leader within your organization and the broader industry.

As a valued participant, you’ll get exclusive early access to the 2024 State of Validation industry report, which will be released later this year—as well as an online gift card! *

What to Expect from the 2024 State of Validation Survey

The 2024 State of Validation survey is powered by Kneat Solutions and designed with input from validation, quality, and compliance experts at its supporting organizations: Design Group, No deviation, and PCI.

Participants can expect to provide insights on the following areas:

  • People and Organizations
  • Validation Programs
  • Goals and Growth
  • Industry Change and Digital Transformation
  • The Future of Validation

How to Participate

Participation in the 2024 State of Validation survey is straightforward. The survey can be completed online, at a time that suits you. To ensure comprehensive insights, we encourage participants from all levels of validation experience and organizational roles to take part.

Share Your Voice

Participate in the 2024 State of Validation survey—because your voice is the key to the industry’s collective success.


* Complete the 2024 State of Validation Survey by 11:59 PM ET April 12, 2024, to get your online gift card. T&Cs apply.



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