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The Three Stages of Process Validation

Process validation is the bedrock of good manufacturing practice, it’s also the first step to realizing significant time and cost savings in validation. Make sure you’re in position to succeed by watching our webinar, The Three Stages of Process Validation with our expert, Olivia Calder.


Attend to learn:

  • The three stages of process validation
  • How digital validation accelerates process validation
  • How a leading pharmaceutical company reduced cycle times
    by 50% with Kneat Gx


Presented by:


Olivia Calder, Process Engineer, SME – Process Validation
Olivia is an experienced process validation expert, with years of first-hand experience running multiple validation activities in life science manufacturing. Based in Cleveland, Ohio, she works with Kneat customers to augment and streamline their process validation programs and leads customers in initial deployments of Kneat Gx for a variety of validation disciplines.


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