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Shifting Focus from Documentation to Data

Uncovering the Benefits of Shifting Your Focus From Documentation to Data

For Validation leaders, robust and dynamic data management matters now more than ever. Watch this webinar to learn what are the real benefits of shifting from documentation to data, the importance of data integrity, and what the future state of data modeling looks like.


In this ondemand webinar you’ll learn

  Why you should switch from documentation to data: including metadata, entity data, consuming data, and the asset data lifecycle.
  The importance of data integrity: including governance, scoping, mapping, research, staffing, and training.
•  How to create a data model: from development to implementation, maintenance, and future state.



Our Speaker:


Rick Mineo, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Kneat 
Rick has been working in the biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device
industry for more than 27 years. He has handson experience of working with
Kneat Gx for over nine years as a Kneat Gx Subject Matter Expert. During his
tenure at Kneat, Rick developed and launched Kneat Academy and the Kneat
Partnership program. He is a licensed Professional Engineer with a Master of
Science degree in Mechanical Engineering.


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