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Process Validation 4.0: Overcoming Process Validation Challenges With Technology 

Process validation in the context of Pharma 4.0™ puts significant emphasis on validation teams to adapt to industry shifts and adopt new technologies to keep pace with industry innovations.

Today, process validation practices are continually evolving as the pharmaceutical industry moves from batch to continuous processing, from bulk to personalized medication, from centralized systems to the Internet of Things (IoT), from controlled data to distributed data, amongst many other changes.

Discover the best way forward in our webinar.   

Attend to Learn:  

  • Process Validation Challenges and Solutions: Gain a deep understanding of the significant challenges that process validation teams face today and how to overcome them.
  • Key Trends and Innovations in Process Validation: Explore the rapid evolution of Process Validation 4.0, driven by technological advancements, regulatory changes, and a growing emphasis on sustainability.
  • Best-in-Class Digitalization Methodology: Discover best practices when digitalizing process validation across an organization and integrating key technologies, including Process Analytical Technologies (PAT).

Presented by:

Olivia Calder – Process Validation SME, Kneat

Olivia is an experienced process validation expert, with years of first-hand experience running multiple validation activities in life science manufacturing. 

Based in Cleveland, Ohio she works with Kneat customers to augment and streamline their process validation programs as well as lead customers in Initial Deployments of Kneat Gx for a variety of validation disciplines. She is skilled in Process Improvement, Customer Service, and Regulatory Compliance.

Olivia is a strong Quality Assurance professional with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from The University of Toledo.   


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