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Validation, Commissioning & Qualification, 2024

Plan, Elevate, Validate: An Expert Take on Mastering Validation Plans 

Empower your validation planning in 2024 with a tech edge that will set your team up with a roadmap for success. 

Join us as we guide you through the intricacies of creating a robust Validation Master Plan (VMP) and Validation Plan (VP) and show you how our digital validation solution, Kneat Gx, amplifies the efficiency and effectiveness of your validation plans. 

Whether you’re new to validation planning or seeking to enhance your existing strategies, this webinar is your gateway to practical knowledge and expert strategies.

Attend to Learn:   

  • Validation Master Plan vs. Validation Plan: Unlock the distinctions between these key components of the validation planning process. 
  • How to Build a Validation Master Plan: Get a step-by-step guide to crafting a robust VMP. 
  • Validation Plan Key Sections: Dive deep into the core sections that define an effective VP. 
  • Benefits of Kneat Gx for Validation Master Plans and Validation Plans: Explore how Kneat’s digital validation solution elevates the execution of your VMPs and VPs. 

Presented by:

Olivia Calder – Process Validation SME, Kneat

Olivia Calder is an experienced process validation expert, with years of first-hand experience running multiple validation activities in life science manufacturing.   

Based in Cleveland, Ohio she works with Kneat customers to augment and streamline their process validation programs as well as lead customers in Initial Deployments of Kneat Gx for a variety of validation disciplines. She is skilled in Process Improvement, Customer Service, and Regulatory Compliance.  

Olivia is a strong Quality Assurance professional with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from The University of Toledo.


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