How to Overcome Challenges With Software Verification & Validation

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Validation, Quality Assurance, Commissioning & Qualification

How to Overcome Challenges With Software Verification & Validation

Join our panel of industry experts from Kneat and global leader in design, engineering, and delivery of facilities for high-tech industries, Exyte, who will share their insights and strategies on overcoming the challenges associated with software verification and validation.

Attend and learn:

  • Common challenges faced during software verification and validation processes
  • Best practices for developing robust verification and validation strategies
  • Case studies showcasing successful approaches to software verification and validation
  • Digital validation tools and technologies that can streamline verification and validation processes

Presented by:

Mark Foley, Digital Validation Expert, Kneat

Mark Foley is the Solutions Engineering Lead with Kneat and is a Paperless Validation Subject-Matter-Expert. He has worked on the deployment and configuration of validation solutions for some of the biggest life sciences companies in the world. Mark studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Limerick and has an extensive background as a Maintenance Reliability Engineer in both heavy and medical device industries.





Manuel Puntscher: Business Development and Sales Manager, Exyte, Central Europe GmbH, Germany

Manuel Puntscher works Business Development at Exyte Central Europe GmbH since October 2021, where he focuses mainly on South Germany and Italy. He advises customers in the run-up to a new project as well as in the consideration of future processes and their implementation strategies and is responsible for the preparation of tailored proposals.






Patricia Luca-Sas: Consultant CSV, Exyte Central Europe GmbH, Germany

Patricia Luca-Sas is a CSV Consultant at Exyte Central Europe GmbH since October 2020. With experience gained through involvement in various CSV and CQV projects, she brings expertise in electronic system validation and equipment qualification. Patricia successfully completed her studies in Pharmaceutical Engineering at Albstadt-Sigmaringen University, Germany.


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