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Why join our Partner Program?

Join the Partner Program to expand your validation services offering, implement Kneat for your customers, develop an official supporting hardware or API or provide training.  

The Partner Program offers a mix of partnership options to suit a variety of organization types and objectives. By establishing a partnership with Kneat, Partners of all classes can benefit from a wide range of services, revenue generation, referral, awareness building, and lead generation opportunities and training.





Partners of all classes can benefit from a wide range of services capabilities, revenue generation opportunities, referral opportunities, awareness building, and lead generation opportunities, as well as Kneat Academy certification and training.

More services

As a Kneat Platform or Implementation Partner you’ll be enabled to provide a wide range of services to organizations using Kneat Gx, from developing and executing documentation, to new work process setup and mapping, scaling of existing processes to new sites and ongoing customer support. 


Revenue opportunities

Acquire new opportunities through our range of Partner service offerings, skills and products. Provide Customer Operations or Kneat Gx Project Services, develop and sell ‘Program Packs’, or provide certified Kneat Academy training with your own customers or our customers by referral. 

Co-marketing activities

Build awareness, generate leads, or establish thought leadership through an extensive selection of Partner co-marketing activities ranging content co-production, to events, sponsorships and more. Work closely with your own dedicated Partner Marketing Manager to execute co-marketing strategies that grow your Kneat services customer base.

Ongoing guidance

As a Kneat Partner you will receive ongoing guidance from a dedicated Partner Success Manager, and subject matter experts from within Kneat’s Process Engineering division.

Advanced training

Kneat Academy’s technical training certifications are widely recognized by the life sciences industry and pose a key hiring competency for validation-related roles in tech-forward organizations.

Competitive advantage

Win new business, or expand existing accounts by adding digital validation capabilities to your team and organization’s skill base. Retain customer accounts longer-term by upskilling to the latest, and most advanced digital validation platform in the world, Kneat.


Partner classes are the core of the Partner Program. These classes offer a variety of capabilities for a variety of organization types and objectives—from professional services firms to technology manufacturers, software developers, industry associations, and publications.  

Platform Partner

Platform Partners possess intermediate Kneat Academy qualifications and an instance of Kneat. Platform Partners can perform validation projects as a service for their own customers, using their own instance of Kneat. Platform Partners can also perform work in a partner customer’s owned-instance, or a Kneat customer’s owned instance through referral by Kneat.

Implementation Partner

Implementation Partners possess advanced Kneat Academy qualifications and can implement new work processes, including the setup of Program Packs,  in the Partner customer’s owned instances, or in a Kneat customer’s owned instance through referral by Kneat. Implementation Partners can expand their range of capabilities by adding an instance of Kneat Gx.

Technology Partner

Technology Partners are official suppliers of hardware or software which enables the use of, or integrates with, Kneat. This Partner class may include Kneat Academy training and an instance of Kneat where required.

Knowledge Partner

Knowledge Partners are industry associations, publications, or events organizations that, through co-marketing activities, enable awareness of and education about, Kneat. This Partner class involves co-marketing activities only.

Program Specialist

A Program Specialist is a Platform Partner who has met additional requirements, qualifying them to create ‘Program Packs’ (templatized, off-the-shelf Kneat work process and flow) for sale to Kneat customers.

Academy Specialist

An Academy Specialist is a Platform Partner or Implementation Partner who has met additional requirements, qualifying them to deliver certified Kneat Gx software training.


Join as a Platform Partner and progress to Implementation Partner through further Kneat Academy training. Or, join as an Implementation Partner and add a Kneat Gx instance to add Platform Partner capabilities. Add a Specialization, or two, to further expand your services and revenue opportunities. 


Platform to Implementation Partner Track



Implementation to Platform Partner Track


Our partnership with Kneat will further enable us to help our clients disrupt the marketplace with more agile, leaner, and standardized validation lifecycle management solutions and services…we are excited to work with Kneat to further catalyze the digital journey of our clients and enhance overall quality confidence and speed…

- Executive Vice President, Head Lifesciences & Healthcare, HCL Technologies
Client Story:
Global Validation Services Company and Kneat Partner VEQTOR

Reducing Digital Validation Implementation Time by 60% for Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC

Understand how Kneat’s partnership with global validation services provider VEQTOR enabled leading animal health company Dechra Pharmaceuticals PLC to eliminate paper from all stages of risk-based enterprise CSV faster than ever, accelerating digital validation implementation time by up to 60%.

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