How to Secure Senior Management Approval for Your Next IT System

How to Secure Senior Management Approval for Your Next IT System

Historically, IT projects have been seen as a way to make processes more efficient. Eliminating manual process, which are prone to human errors, can yield robust, efficient, compliant systems. However, often the desire to automate creates too many discrete, unique, siloed systems that often are not connected in a sensible way and puts extensive burden on IT and the users of the implemented tools.

So, what does Senior Leadership in an organization see? High IT budgets that are taking a larger percentage of their annual budget. As a percentage of Sales/Revenue, Large Pharma can spend upwards of 3% on IT resources, systems and projects. High numbers of dedicated resources are focused on the system design, development, validation, training, implementation and on-going support.

To gain the support of Senior Leadership for your next IT project, project teams will need to craft a well thought out, compelling business case that makes the decision to implement the proposed software solution easier. But what does a successful business case look like? And, what steps should you take to include the most compelling information for consideration? Download and read ‘Securing Senior Management Approval for Your Next IT Project’ to give yourself the best chance at success. 

The Business Case is the vehicle to articulate the purpose and benefits of a project and to obtain feedback and ultimately approval; to build a robust business case there are other critical factors to consider.

- David Harris, Principal Quality Advisor

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