Power User Certificate Program | Level 1

Continue your paperless validation training with this detailed, moderate level,
face to face training program from Kneat Academy. 

Moderate Level | Completion of End User Certificate Required

Trainees will learn 

Completion of this program certifies the trainee has a strong understanding of Document Templates, Library Templates, Library Object Templates, Section Group Templates, Approval Templates and Properties on the Kneat Gx platform.

  • Create, Edit, Review and Approve, and Revise Document Templates
  • Create, Edit, and Publish Library Templates
  • Create, Edit and Revise Library Properties
  • Create, Edit, Review and Approve, and Revise Section Group Templates

Enrollment Eligibility Requirements

Enrollment Capacity

  • Limit 10 Trainees Per Class

Becoming a Power User gave me a far more advanced command of Kneat, which has been useful overseeing a team of Validation Engineers across a small group of sites. 

- Power User Graduate

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