End User Certificate Program

Start your paperless validation training with this robust, entry level training program from Kneat Academy.

Entry Level | Recommended for trainees with no previous experience using Kneat

Trainees will learn

Completion of the End User program certifies the trainee has competencies in General Navigation, Document Development, Review and Approval, and Execution on the Kneat Gx platform.

  • Navigate the Application
  • Initiate Document Packs and Individual Documents
  • Edit, Revise and Delete Documents
  • Initiate Review and Approve Work Flows
  • Review and Approve Documents
  • Execute Documents
  • Initiate Deviations
  • Work with Reports


Enrollment Details

Price:   $349

The End User Certificate program was surprisingly robust, and really helped me hit the ground running with Kneat Gx after it was implemented at our site.

- End User Trainee

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