Super User Certificate Program

Become a Kneat expert, manage deployments and train your own customers with this
advanced paperless validation apprenticeship tailored to Partners from Kneat Academy.

Advanced Level | Partner Network Membership Required

Trainees will learn

Completion of this program certifies the trainee has achieved the highest attainable competency of the Kneat Gx platform, including mastery of Object Templates, the Deployment Journey, and Work Process Mapping. 

Extensive contact hours and in-depth exercises cover the most advanced competencies in the use of the Kneat Gx platform:

  • Course duration: 40 Contact hours
  • Create and Edit Discipline Maps and Subject Categories
  • Develop a Work Process in Kneat
  • Certified as Kneat Trainer
  • Become a Kneat Subject Matter Expert

Enrollment Eligibility


Enrollment Capacity

  • Limit 5 Trainees Per Class

The Super User Certificate Program has transformed how our organization trains staff on Kneat Gx across the entire business, it’s allowed us to centralize and manage training internally – helping us to roll out to sites even faster.

- Super User Graduate

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