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Building the Future of Validation Together

Join Rick Mineo, Director Strategic Partnerships, Kneat, Aaron Roth, Associate Director Global C&Q, CAI, and Madison Adams, Partner Marketing Manager, Kneat, as they showcase how Kneat and CAI work together within the Kneat Partner Program to increase validation performance and reduce operational, reputational, and financial risks for highly regulated companies all over the world.


Attend and learn:

  What the Kneat-CAI partnership is and how it works
  How the partnership adds value to CAI and better serves its clients
•  Digital CQV Best Practice
  How you can take the first step towards joining the Kneat Partner Program



Presented by:

Rick Mineo, Director Strategic Partnerships, Kneat
Rick has been working in the biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device industry for more than 27 years. He had hands-on experience of working with Kneat Gx for over eight years as a Kneat Gx Subject Matter Expert. During his tenure at Kneat, Rick developed and launched Kneat Academy and the Kneat Partnership program. He has since founded his own company, but remains a valued member of the Kneat family.




Aaron Roth, Associate Director, Global C&Q, CAI
Aaron Roth is a seasoned project manager and subject matter expert in the fields of risk-based Commissioning and Qualification and Quality Risk Management (QRM). He has led the implementation of QRM principles on several large projects to date and delivered training to clients and to industry on this topic. Aaron has applied his engineering and leadership experience across the pharmaceutical industry, including commissioning and qualification, process validation, maintenance and reliability planning and management, deviation investigations and root cause analysis, change management, quality system implementation, and GMP training.



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