Case Study
Accelerate your speed-to-market by up to 17% with Kneat
Is validation delaying your generic therapy? Using Kneat Gx for all Computer Software Validation, HCL Technologies increased speed-to-market by 17% at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Smarter e-Validation

Intuitive user interface

Clearly identified work areas and a logical menu layout let new Kneat users learn quickly. Reach any document, document template, audit trail, report, administrative controls, document editor and more in just a few clicks.

  • Access everything directly from your permission driven home page.
  • View any system or project status report or configure and save your own customized report.

Manage validation by site, process or project with Workspaces

The ‘Workspace’ area of Kneat is where most users will spend their time. Workspaces are customisable, and can be organized by site, process or project. Within a Workspace, a user can generate documents, deviations/non-conformances execute test scripts, and send documents for review and approval.

  • Generate projects and documents, using pre-defined templates from the library.
  • Share templates across all Workspaces – enabling process harmonisation across projects, sites and teams.
  • Total collaboration between users working on the same document in the same Workspace.
  • Multiple users can work on various sections within the same document simultaneously.

Our partnership with Kneat will further enable us to help our clients disrupt the marketplace with more agile, leaner and standardized validation lifecycle management solutions and services…we are excited to work with Kneat to further catalyze the digital journey of our clients and enhance overall quality confidence and speed…

– Executive Vice President – Head, Lifesciences & Healthcare Vertical, HCL Technologies

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