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A pharmaceutical industry staff member getting training in Kneat Gx

Kneat Solutions will provide you and your staff with the best possible training experience in order to maximize the benefit you get from our products. We provide flexible training programs to meet your specific needs. Our trainers have a thorough understanding of the product and your domain application. Training is available at our offices, on-site at your premises and online depending on your needs and availability.

Generally our training takes two formats, i.e. Power User and End User. Power user training equips your employees to administer and configure all aspects of the system. Unlike other enterprise applications, you require no coding skills whatsoever (HTML coding or otherwise) to configure solutions in Kneat Gx and if you are proficient with Microsoft Word then you will be able to configure any business process on the system after minimal training.

Our end user training equips users with the skills to interact with the system during the course of their everyday work.

End user training typically takes a few hours and power user training typically a few days. Kneat certifies all trainees on completion of training.