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A laboratory worker checks equipment for readings


Our domain experts will analyze your business process and together with our technology experts will agree with you how your process will be streamlined and automated on the Kneat Gx platform. Our many years of experience in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry allow us to understand your business quickly and this expertise forms the cornerstone of our relationship with you.
The flexibility of our technology allows you to quickly recreate your process exactly as it is right now. You will move seamlessly from your current paper based system into an automated paperless system helping you to deliver Right First Time Manufacturing and all the associated benefits such as greater GMP compliance and faster throughput of product.
You may select to use this opportunity to make process improvements and if so our expert team will support you in achieving this goal.


Kneat will assign an experienced Project Manager for your deployment. This person will work with you to plan, resource and deliver all aspects of the deployment to the quality standards expected in your Industry. They will engage with all your stakeholders as necessary throughout the project with a special emphasis on the end user. He will ensure that all relevant procedures are in place, all the training is completed and that you transition smoothly into operations. After Go-Live he will hand your over to one of our dedicated account managers who will be responsible for ensuring that all your ongoing needs are met.


During the business process modelling stage our experts will be gathering and documenting your system configuration requirements. Your team will approve the resultant specification and Kneat will then configure your system. Configuration is easy and no coding skills whatsoever are required. Kneat will also train some of your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) as power users so that they are capable of recreating any business process or making any configuration changes in the future. A power user can be trained in 5 days.


Once configuration is complete acceptance testing will be performed against predefined test protocols. After acceptance testing the system will be installed on your qualified IT Infrastructure. During this stage all the necessary system documentation such as Help, Training, Operation, Maintenance and Support documentation are finalized and delivered to your team.


Once loaded on your qualified IT Infrastructure, system Qualification will be performed against pre-defined protocols followed by final preparation for Go-Live. Prior to Go-Live all outstanding procedures and training will be completed and all support structures will be confirmed.
On completion of the Go-Live checklist the system is ready to be used in operations. Kneat will have a special support structure in place for this initial period to ensure that everything runs smoothly.