A Case Study on Implementation of an electronic Solution for Validation Life Cycle Management resulting in Productivity improvements greater than 100%, Cycle Time improvements greater than 50% and Equipment Change Over resource cycle time efficiency improvements of 85%.

Adam Tessneer is the Sr. Manager Quality Engineering at Biogen. He is also the Champion and Business Process Owner for the e-validation VLMS Solution and validation business process. He can be contacted at Adam.Tessneer@biogen.com

Rick Mineo is the founder and president of Encova Consulting. He has provided extensive technical and validation consulting support to the Company. He can be contacted at mineor@encovaconsulting.com

Lou Killian is the Customer Success Director at Kneat Software. He has over 35 years of Life Science Industry experience at Abbott, Genentech and BioMarin. Lou can be contacted at lou.killian@kneat.com